FMQ Circles on angry prints

Here is the quilt top before the FMQ circles were added.  As you know I was deliberating over the design to use on this print.  It turns out I am not crazy about this fabric as it strikes me as angry due to the angular design of the print.  It is similar to my dislike of kousa dogwood trees because the pointed leaves strike me as angry…anyway, I digress.  I wanted to soften the angular nature of the print, so I decided on circles, just circles.  Here’s a before picture:IMG_0446 I think the circles soften the angular print.  Here are photographs after the circles were added:



I think they are happier now.  What do you think? IMG_0536

I became a little lazy on the pieced border and just meandered.  On the white border I again repeated the circles and swirls, which I had used on the white negative space in the body of the quilt top, because they are really fun to do, although so are the leaves and circles…so many options, so few quilt tops!IMG_0537circles on anglesAnd a few more close ups of the circles.  Do you find certain designs portray emotions, too?  And why do mistakes always happen where they show?  In this case, it seemed any mistitch (new word by the way or if you are not grammatically daring ‘missed stitch’) occurred when I was on the yellow with my blue thread!

The quilting is tight, so it is a quilt on the rather stiff side; however, it is meant to hang on the wall as a headboard, so this works out well.  If it were meant to be on the bed, the quilting would have been looser.

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2 Responses to FMQ Circles on angry prints

  1. segurry says:

    I, too, think certain colors portray emotion. These colors don’t say “angry” to me but something stiff, sour, restrained….and I do think the circles help soften this design.

    I have to find a Craftsy course on free motion quilting….I took a 2-hour workshop but never practiced after that.

    I am in Denver right now visiting EC. I was going to make her curtains but I measured and found out she needed about 12 yards of fabric and was going to be costly….including UPS-ing the finished product from Cambridge to Denver. So we just went to Target and bought some cute ones.
    Today we are going to a hike somewhere! Keep sewing….

    • quiltify says:

      You do so much already! However, I really love free motion quilting and the longarm, but am hoping many people don’t like it. I would like to start a longarm business after some intense practice, but we’ll see. I saw you were visiting EC. It’s always fun to spend time with our daughters. It was fun spending time with your daughter in London a few years back, too!

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