Fabric addiction surfacing…

I ran over to the fabric store to pick up a backing fabric for a toddler quilt that I am making…2 yards, which would equate to about $20.00.  That’s it.  One of the sales people, who knows me, said she had to tell me about their sale.  I, of course, said I wasn’t interested.  I was just picking up one item.  “No,” she said, “you need to listen to this sale”.  She proceeded to tell me they were selling much of their fabric for $3.00 per yard if I bought what was left on the bolt.  Now, fabric at this, my go to fabric store, generally runs between $9.00 to $11.00 per yard.  However, it recently changed owners so they are changing fabric styles.  Hence, this amazing sale.

I was flustered a bit while I figured out how to approach this unbeatable, possibly once in a lifetime, fabric sale.  B. thought this was going to take a while so he said he’d go sit in the car and to take my time.  However, once I had a plan of attack, my purchasing took me all of five minutes. I decided to fill my stash with accompanying fabric; ie, generally plain fabric or one color and white.  This way, I’ll have something to turn to when I need just one more fabric or a backing or just want to sew an on the spot project without having to run to the store.  B. was amazed when I walked out of the store five minutes later with these under my arm.  Or, not really fitting under my arm…


So  41.5 yards cost me $124.00 with the sale, but the value is over $410.00.  How could I resist?

…And, I had ordered more of this bicycle cloth over the internet, because this same store had run out.  This fabric is Cruzin’ by Barbara Jones, who was wonderful to deal with by the way.  This arrived on Saturday as well.


For comparison, this lot is 2.75 yards, which cost me, with shipping, $32.17.  I received a deal on shipping because there was an odd cut, so I purchased it and Ms Jones paid for some of the shipping…big difference, nonetheless.

So, all in all, an expensive weekend.  But it was also a weekend of savings, as ultimately I would have paid full price.  Do I dare return to the store?  Happy Sewing!

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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2 Responses to Fabric addiction surfacing…

  1. segurry says:

    Wow! I love those colors that you bought! I think you were amazingly restrained. In my go-to fabric store, I would have been in a panic, thinking I had to choose many more fabrics and colors…and yes, isn’t it funny when spending is saving? I can’t quite figure that out.

    I love the bicycle fabric. What are you going to make with that?


  2. quiltify says:

    I might go back this week to see if there is anything left… I’m going to make a quilt for a baby/toddler.

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