When ideas flow…

When ideas flow they are not always related to one’s intentions.  Today, my intent was to finish squaring and binding my autumn jelly roll quilt.  That didn’t happen.  Last week, as I previously indicated, I had finished the ‘Swedish Quilt’ for my recently vacated guest room.  As we all know, one change in a room often leads to another, but they always seem to eventually return to sewing or quilting, for me anyway.   When I put the quilt on the bed, I wasn’t happy with the wood floor, so I spent much of the last three days on my butt restoring and waxing the finish on the floor.  I am thrilled with the result.  I will be proceeding through all the downstairs rooms soon…I say.  I digress. Quilt done, floor done…the room still needed more.  I started with the thought that I needed a pretty pillow for the white wicker chair.  I looked over my stash and realized I had a fabric that I loved, which would be perfect. Image

I had purchased this fabric at a local store’s magnificent close out sale.  I loved the colors and the play of the colors.  Generally, I don’t choose florals, but this one grabbed me.  It’s been sitting in my stash just waiting for it’s purpose.  So I began to make an accent pillow with it.

IMG_3372I used an old, rather ratty cover for the size guide.  I suppose I’m not supposed to admit that!


I just used one piece of fabric and no zipper, because this will be a lightly used room and I was off project.  I think I’ll just open the hand sewn seam if I decide the cover is worth washing versus making a new cover.

IMG_3374I’m happy with the result.  In fact, I believe I will make a lumbar pillow and a round pillow for the room.  Anyway, when I put this in the room, I turned toward the wall hanging.  The free motion quilted wall hanging in this room, no longer worked.  I had free motion quilted this wall hanging on my Bernina 440 QE two or three years ago, before rooms were juggled to allow for the purchase of my APQS Millenium, when it was still intended for my daughters room and her color scheme.

IMG_3377Here’s a piece of the new fabric hanging behind the bed.  I am going to make one large panel with this fabric, no piecing.  As the fabric is just 44″ wide, I will need to add a border around it, a frame, so to speak, to properly balance the bed.  I want to use a fabric that I already have so I will likely use white…but I’m not yet sure.  I will then use a pantogram to quilt it, keeping it simple so the pattern of the fabric is not lost.  I might keep this in mind at MQX, which is coming up.  I will be adding to my pantogram library while there!

So I’m really happy with my wandering, but I need to get back to my original intentions tomorrow because I have planned projects awaiting.  Happy quilting!


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