Weekly Photo Challenge: fresh


The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge is ‘fresh’.  As this is late March in urban/suburban New England, there is nothing fresh directly outside my window.  Think very dirty snow.   March is, in fact, my least favorite month, with April coming in at a close second. So instead of going outside, I created a still life with fresh orange juice in mind.  I need to have themed photo projects more often, as it makes me really think about my camera and how I might want to change various settings for a better photograph.  Generally, I concentrate only on shutter speed, aperture, and iso.  This time I considered focus point, metering, white balance, and, hmmm, don’t even know what it is called: ai servo vs one shot, etc.

Anyway, this was fun.   If you have any suggestions for improving this shot please feel free to voice them.  I’m a relative neophyte, who is eager to learn.


PS,  We can’t have one camera out in this house without the other one entering the picture.  B. saw my topic and did his own study.  I think his is decidedly better so I am putting that one up as well.  Here’s his: IMGL0194

He worked the background better, IMO, his lighting is definitive, and his perspective is interesting.  So there you have it, more ‘fresh’.

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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8 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: fresh

  1. I actually prefer the first image, the second is a simple top down where as the first image has depth and perspective. Really nice interpretation of the challenges theme.

  2. I like the texture of the white in the first photo against the white of the juicer. 🙂

  3. I like both. How sweet of you to share 🙂

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