Millie Monday

I tend to do my quilting at the end of the week and on the weekends so I might have picked the wrong day for Millie’s pictures.  Also, I have a feeling that Millie is going to be wearing much besides quilt sandwiches until I return from Sweden, but we’ll see.  Here’s Millie today:


There was a bunch of hemming to be done today for B. and Millie is the perfect assistant.  I hate to do alterations/repairs, but everytime I sit down to do some, I enjoy using/learning a different stitch or foot on my sewing machine.  So, perhaps I only think I hate repairs…and forget that I don’t?  There is real satisfaction in seeing the alteration pile disappear or, at least, shrink.

And also, I’ve been working on publicity for our 2015 Art/Quilt Show:


Here’s a picture of the entrance to last year’s show:  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As you can see, this is really an art gallery.  It’s a wonderful show.  I think the media doesn’t pay attention to us because they think only women of a certain age quilt.   Media/corporations consider women who are a certain age as uninteresting, and, therefore, we become invisible, even though we are a huge spending power.  I was blindsided by this when I turned 50.  Let me tell you, mediocrity rises to the top in corporate America…but don’t get me started.  I digressed.  Quilters are all ages and there has been a large influx of millenials and gen Xers into our midsts in recent years.  So please get the word out and join us at the show!

And, on a lighter note,  did I mention that I bought ANOTHER carryon suitcase?  I am an addict.  Details to follow, I’m sure.  Happy Quilting!

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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  1. There’s something about fixing an item of clothing versus creating something new – never as much fun but always good to get off the table. We could certainly have a spirited conversation about how people labeled as seniors are treated by a variety of people and institutions. 🙂

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