Wednesday’s Weekly Word: Door

The Daily Post’s weekly word is “door“.  I love doors, so this is an easy word or not so easy as I should only use a picture or two…


This is one of my favorite doors.  This pretty door got me to thinking about how doors are presented.  This door is a beautiful bright blue surrounded by flowers.  This is an Yorkshire door, Britain.

Here is a sample of doors in Stockholm and Eksjö Municipality, Sweden.

IMG_0726 IMG_0875IMG_0590 IMG_0591IMG_0898

These doors are quieter.   Although you couldn’t prove it by me, the Swedish people have a reputation for being reserved, like me.  I’m not sure I agree.   These doors are  subdued as well, but very detailed.  The subtlety is lovely, hiding the true complexity.

And then there are family doors from which you can just feel the history of one’s family.  Here are some of my ancestor’s doors:

IMG_1132 IMG_1106 IMG_1022 IMG_1021


So I was swept up with this word, but there you have it.  Doors aren’t only about color and design, but about their history as well.  Happy photographing!

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1 Response to Wednesday’s Weekly Word: Door

  1. Doors really are interesting. They are like ‘eyes’ to the house. Love yours. 🙂

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