More Bandanas

A friend in the pet business asked if I would make holiday bandanas for her clients.  Clothes and quilts are my standard fare, so I would have to figure this out.  Now, you say, ‘a bandana is a hemmed square, how simple’.  Well, yes, but…  To make this a reasonable project, it has to be done quickly, but also well.  The problem for me: the hem.  I hem by hand, just now getting into machine sewn binding on quilts, which are not yet lovely by any means, just sturdy.  I had to figure out how to hem by machine, quickly and neatly.  I had to be able to turn the material over by hand while stitching and leaving no ends to fray.  While the customers are dogs, they like to look their best.  Refer back to Miss Lily for proof of that.  I needed some practice and a prototype.

To do this,  use a blindstitch foot,  the number 5 for a Bernina 440, and set the length of the stitch at 2.4 mm.  Turn the first hem at the center of the foot with just enough fabric to meet the left edge of the foot.  Set the needle at the second from the left position. Make sure you have the correct stitch plate on your machine to move the needle sideways.  Stitch and keep turning as you sew all the way around.  At the corners you need to be careful as you are folding in two directions.

When you are half an inch from the first corner of the already turned material, turn the material again, move your needle to the furthest left position, and repeat.

The second set of stitches should stitch on top of the first set, and the raw edges are sealed in the interior of the hem.

Here is the prototype.  The lovely model is Brooke.

Disregard the direction of the pattern as that will be addressed on the actual product.  The time from cut to completion: 20 minutes.  Take away my pondering and I think they will take 15 minutes each.

HOWEVER, I am embroidering their names.  My embroidery module is not my friend…yet.  That will be another story…

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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2 Responses to More Bandanas

  1. segurrySusan says:

    Well this is certainly an interesting project! I want to get a bernina….got to save my pennies….how many do you hav to make?

    • quiltify says:

      I have to make 25! Yes, My Bernina was a splurge, but I love it, and have had no trouble at all with it. Consumer reports, at the time at least, recommended it. The machine I had before that was a Singer, which was my college graduation present from my parents. It still works, too.

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