I bought a new foot for my machine this weekend…a #66 hemming foot.  Sometimes new tools really aggravate me.  I bought this foot as it was supposed to save me one step when hemming linens and things (sounds like a good name for a store).  It is supposed to curl the material under in one step and stitch, leaving no ends to fray.  I have no patience when a new tool does not automatically do what it is supposed to do…in other words needs some assistance from the operator.  However, as I know myself fairly well, I have put the foot aside until I have time to play with it and conquer it.  In the middle of a project is no time for me to try something new.  Does anyone else become frustrated easily with new tools?  While I have so much more sewing patience than in my youth, I still hit walls on occasion.  I’m sure when I don’t have a project that I want to finish, I will play with this foot, figure it out and love it.

It is a pretty odd looking foot.  The fabric is supposed to curl inside the center of the foot.  Someday perhaps…

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6 Responses to Tools

  1. segurry says:

    I, too, have this impatience…My recent annoyance is with needle threaders….since my vision is not quite as sharp as it used to be, sometimes I struggle with threading needles. I have purchased almost every needle threader available and none of them is helpful. Frustrating. That said, this new foot for your machine looks very interesting. I didn’t know this one existed! Is it for a Bernina? Someone in my school might be selling hers….what makes Berninas better than other machines?

  2. Jan says:

    When I was buying, the Bernina machine was rated best by Consumer Reports. At least the one I went in to buy. I know Ann’s Fabrics’ repair person says BabyLock machines require the least repairs, but I wouldn’t know as mine…knock on wood…has worked perfectly. I love the BSR for free motion quilting…a stitch regulator, I believe. I’d check out Consumer Reports. The machine I had before was 35 years old so I probably would have been happy with anything.

    • segurry says:

      Which model Bernina do you have? I just went to their site and there are SO MANY! wow! It would take me years to figure this out…where did you buy yours?

  3. Jan says:

    I bought mine at Ann’s fabrics(Canton), a splurge even on sale. I have a Bernina 440QE, which was so popular Bernina changed the name and upped the price, as if it wasn’t expensive enough. However, there was a less expensive model that had great reviews, just can’t recall the name. They could give you a good analysis of the machines, I suspect. Ann’s had big sales periodically, which is the only time to buy. A used one would be a better deal, I think. Ann’s sells used ones when they get them. I figured I will be sewing the rest of my life, more regularly, as I am working it into my retirement when it comes so I spent a little bit more.

  4. Julie says:

    That looks like the hemming foot for lightweight fabrics, didn’t know they made one for cottons and linens. I never got on with the lightweight one but know of others who have mastered it, maybe I just don’t have enough patience. I too get awfully impatient with new tools, equipment and the internet, especially the internet! I’ve spent much of today arguing with various different sites!

    • quiltify says:

      Julie, Thanks for that tidbit. Perhaps this foot is not meant for cotton, although no such specifications were indicated. I’ll work with it a bit longer to see if I can be productive with it. JWG

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