‘Studio’ organization…

Someday I will turn C’s bedroom in to a real studio.  In the meantime, I borrow her room when she’s out of the country.   Consequently, I need versatile sewing equipment.  Versatile as it needs to be removed, and versatile for sewing versus quilting.

This is my working set up. The tables behind the sewing machine hold the quilt when I am free motion quilting so the weight is off of the portion being quilted.  I have three Elfa tables on wheels so I can change the arrangement to suit the project.  When C. is returning, my sewing disappears into closets.  Until now, C. had no idea of the degree of my takeover. Here is a partial breakdown, so you can get the idea.  The sewing machine drops down and the wheeled cabinet folds up into itself.  The two tables have draws for storage and they easily wheel into closets.  The third, higher, wheeled Elfa table, holds my laptop as it is sometimes, if rarely, attached to my embroidery module.   And then there’s my fabric storage-plastic men’s shoe boxes, generally, easily hidden away with the foldable shelves.  So there it is, my ‘studio’.

About quiltify

Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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5 Responses to ‘Studio’ organization…

  1. segurry says:

    Wow! Thanks. You have given me great ideas…..these are all Elfa products? Or The Container Store? I think I have so much more fabric than you do….But I love this set-up! Do you use a design wall? What do you do with your ironing board? While I would love a real sewing room, I am not ready to convert either of the girls’ rooms yet…Mic is still living here and EC comes and goes from Denver…I do have an ‘office’ downstairs from when I was a professor, but that is too far away and dark….

    • quiltify says:

      Yes, the rolling drawers are Elfa…periodically they have good sales. Bob says they have similar things in Home Depot. I guess I just love the Container Store. I didn’t want to show the entire mess of the room on the internet. LOL. The ironing board is left standing. No, I don’t have a design board, but would like to some day. I’ll catch up to you on the fabric thing, maybe. 🙂 I, too, am not ready to move C. out of her room, but I’ll move her room/guest room to my office when I am ready to switch to quilting full time and have a long arm machine. By then C. will hopefully be back in the USA and settled in her own place with H. For the cutting table, I have a drop leaf table on bed risers.

  2. segurrySusan says:

    You have given me some wonderful ideas. I prefer The Container Store to Home Depot; I often think the Home Depot stuff is cheaply made and doesn’t last long. I’ve seen your sewing machine table online and thought about buying it. I think they might also have it at JoAnn’s…I think it would be worth the cost for me to do some adjusting over the Christmas week….

    • segurry says:

      Janet, what is the name (or type or where you got it) of the sewing cabinet you have?

      • quiltify says:

        Sue, My cabinet is a Horn cabinet. I purchased it during a very good sale. I purchased it from Ann’s Fabric, which has a sale going on until 12/9, but I don’t know how good the sale prices are this time. Koala also makes nice cabinets. Janet

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