On my design wall (floor)

Here is the quilt top, mentioned in my last blog entry, in pieces on my design floor.  I’m not in the mood for symmetry, but I want balance…so I am not sure where to place  my snowflake appliqués. _MG_9108  This is a poor picture of the stars, washed out.  I will show you a close up of the material, but I want you to see the layout as it would be seen from the foot of a bed.  I also want a lot of negative space so I can practice a quilting design to stand on its own.  I am thinking of using the multicolor blue material in the border.  I do not want to overwhelm the yellow stars, so I want fewer appliqués than stars.  What do you think of the placement of the blue appliqué?  Where would you place the appliqués?

_MG_9112Here’s an angle that shows the stars a little better.

_MG_9113Here’s a close up.  The stars are already sewn into their rows, so I can’t move those around at this point.  So…where would you place the appliqués?  Would you have more? Fewer? Move them around?

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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