Cutting table

A funny thing happened on the way to the farm.  Well, actually, after we picked up our monthly winter share box from our CSA.  We were headed to Alfredo’s to buy some fresh lasagna pasta sheets, when we found ourselves in the wrong lane.  We were pointed to Ann’s Fabrics, where I originally thought I would go to check out the Christmas fabric discounts, but had decided against it.  All this was internal conversation unknown to B.  So as we were pointed that way anyway and because B is such a good guy, fabric shopping we went.  I only found one piece of Christmas fabric that I liked.  B found two fabrics that he brought to my attention, so I bought those as well.  I was done.

But then, there it was, and 40% off.  I have been cutting my fabric on a married harvest table; a mistake due to the married part. Always look a piece over at an auction.  Nonetheless, it has been regularly used through the years, one leaf to the wall!  I digress.  This harvest table stands on bed risers to make it the correct height for cutting, and the leaf shakes as my rotary blade crosses from the table to leaf.

I’ve been planning to eventually purchase a true cutting table, but wasn’t in the market for it now.  BUT, there it was, on sale.  A cutting table, which is the right height, folds away, rolls, has draws for storage, and has a large top.  So, having just received a Christmas bonus…I spent it on this!  Or almost this, mine is deluxe with draws and shelves, and double supports for each large leaf, but I can’t find it on the internet to show you.  As I have gotten over the thrill of lugging heavy furniture, I am having it delivered, so I can’t take a picture for you now.  I will when it arrives…after Christmas.  I am excited to have a sturdy work table at last!

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2 Responses to Cutting table

  1. segurrySusan says:

    I am jealous….I did not get a Christmas bonus, so no cutting table for me. I don’t know what you mean by a ‘married’ table. I just use our dining room table with my cutting mats. It’s bad on the back, though. But you got me looking at the “Quilter’s DREAM” cabinets…and drooling. Can’t wait to see the real photo after Christmas!

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