Cutting Table and streamlining…

My cutting table has arrived.  I love it.  It does exactly what I thought it would do and more.  Already I have managed to properly square a quilt top as well as join backing, batting and quilt top on the table.  No more crawling around on my hands and knees!

open cut tableIt has drawers and a cupboard on one end.

closedThere are project trays on the other.

projectsHere is its small footprint when closed.  I can then just roll it into a corner or another room.

I will say I am disappointed in a sales error.  I was told it was a Horn cabinet.  We discussed Horn at length and the fact Horn is made in Canada.   I try to buy products made in the USA or Canada.  As it turns out, it was mistakenly identified as Horn.  I did not know this until it was delivered.  It was made in China.  I would not have purchased the table had I known it was made in China.  That being said, it is done.  The design is ideal and it seems like a well made piece.

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4 Responses to Cutting Table and streamlining…

  1. segurry says:

    Really adorable….may I ask you a question? Is that white cabinet in the rear of the photo for your sewing stuff also?
    And what is the manufacturer of this cutting table?

    • quiltify says:

      I do use the cabinet in the corner for storing fabric. However, it was initially purchased when my daughter was young and refused to use dresser draws…I don’t recall it worked. Regarding the cutting table, as you know I was told it was Horn. I just pulled out the sales receipt, which identifies the table as Tailor Made…I should read my receipts. It is interesting the sales person did not correct herself (She is no longer with the company; not my doing.) Here is what I found when I googled it: The legs are different, but essentially it is the same. I think my white is prettier for my room decor. I need to be a more astute shopper!

  2. Jody says:

    No need to beat yourself up, so much of what we have to buy comes from there, it was an honest mistake. I LOVE how the legs are configured, very artsy looking 🙂 Nice bright studio!

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