Charity Quilts

I’ve been working on charity quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders.  QBB sends to the quilter the pieced top, backing and binding.  The quilter supplies the batting, quilts the layers and finishes off the binding. Besides providing constructive practice time, I found these charity quilts proved that quilting adds a depth and beauty to a quilt that it didn’t previously have.  This plain quilt particularly proved it  as I felt it had no unifying design, but, unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture before I had quilted it.  Sorry, I am.  This is the quilt after quilting.  I’ll have to take a better full quilt picture later. IMG_2467 IMG_2468

Here is the second quilt top before quilting.IMG_2462

And here is the quilted top. IMG_2470 IMG_2473

And the third quilt after quilting. IMG_2483 The back…IMG_2485 IMG_2501

I used a pantograph “Double Dutch” by  I am surprised at how much I enjoy the pantographs.  This is good news as it means I enjoy working at the back of the machine, pantographs, as much as I do at the front of the machine, free motion.  I’ll upload pictures of the completed quilts in a bit.

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4 Responses to Charity Quilts

  1. I am very curious about how the long-arm works. These are really beautiful. I’m wondering if there is some time this summer when I can come down to see it in motion?

    • quiltify says:

      Sure, that would be great. I’ll let you know when I have a muslin sandwich on it so you can try it out. I’m off one week in July, i think about 10-16, but keep reminding me in case I forget to say when the muslin is on the machine! I have one quilt top I’m working on soon, and then practice, I think.

  2. segurry says:

    Super! I’d love that….EC will love it also!

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