A couple of weeks ago I took a vacation to work on my longarm.  That first weekend it was rainy and dark.  Now, I had known I needed better lighting and had been thinking about possibilities, but I thought there was no hurry.  Wrong!  Apparently, I had been using my Millie on sunny days.  It would come to be about 4:00 PM when I would need to stop because it was a dark on half of the longarm as the sun was behind the treetops.  But that was OK.  I was about done by that time of day.  However, this particular Saturday left the entire longarm in the dark.  So I needed to resolve that ASAP.  Not wanting to spend much money, this is what I did.

IMG_2460I bought an inexpensive shop light and hung it from two hooks in the ceiling.  This way it can be removed when the room eventually switches back to a bedroom, like over my dead body!  So light, hooks, extension cord and energy-efficient bulbs and I have a light that illuminates the whole room for less than $50.00.

On the side, I am quite pleased that I was able to photograph this light cleanly without a tripod or flash.  I’m sure this is easy for many of you, but I’m just learning.

Can anyone tell me how to remove the underlines from the middle text on this page?

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2 Responses to Lighting

  1. katyquilts says:

    Your lighting idea is genius!

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