The Bandanas that keep on giving…

Here’s another project I am working on.  There is one member of the Lily clan who still needs a quilt.  Can you believe I still have enough of Lily’s accessories for one more quilt?  Notice what a nice work area my Millie is when she just holds a practice sandwich.  I would never set anything on an actual quilt.  Here I am, digressing again.

IMG_2432The colorful bits go in the Lily quilt.
IMG_2442And these bits will also go in the quilt.  This will be a different design than the prior quilts.  I have an idea for the design, but I am fine tuning and cutting as I go because…I can.  And actually, I am further along than this as these photographs were taken last week, but presently I’m too lazy to trot upstairs for another photograph.  So, here’s just a glimpse for now.  When it is done, I can’t wait to have a go on this with Millie!

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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