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Conserved for a while…

So I finished my first official attempt at conserving with the Rocking Horse Quilt.  If you haven’t read my prior post, you might want to do that so you can see what this quilt looked like when I began.  This will … Continue reading

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Millie Monday

I did manage to get one quilt top quilted and bound this week.  Here’s busy Millie: My goodness, she is a particular charm when it isn’t humid.  Who would think the atmosphere could affect a machine so?  And yet, I … Continue reading

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Millie Monday

On this hot and humid day, Millie is perhaps overdressed. I will hopefully have these quilt tops quilted by the end of the week.  My September schedule is unlikely to allow time to add more DBYB quilts to my shop. … Continue reading

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Millie Monday …And Model Babies

Millie quilts my Don’t Bore Your Baby© quilts.  This is a quilt that I make to support a baby’s visual development and to help entertain the developed person that I believe exists in the temporarily, fairly useless, undeveloped body.  Here’s a link to my … Continue reading

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Millie Monday

This weekend I took a quick trip up to the MQX show in Manchester, NH.  For some reason  I was less impressed than other years, although I did attend during it’s last three hours, so maybe that was why.  There were some … Continue reading

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Copyrights and Distractions

Let’s talk about copyrights.  I am a firm believer of protecting copyrights on artistic works.  It’s just I find this much easier to understand with writing than with quilting.  As a writer (Even My Family, Cries of Freedom, Once Again), … Continue reading

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Longarm Zipper System

  There are many systems to assist in loading the quilt pieces onto a longarm.  I like to use the Quick Zip System.  One of the advantages is there is less time bending over the longarm in an awkward position. … Continue reading

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My favorites in other Etsy Shops…appropriately priced.

During the past year there has been a wonderful, ongoing discussion about the value of our work as quilters and how so many of us are undervaluing our efforts.  If you’re interested in this discussion, you might want to start with … Continue reading

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quilters’ hands…part 2.

I checked with my doctor and my hand complaints seem to be over-use issues so my new tools should help significantly.  The other day I received the tools I ordered from Martelli Notions.  Here is the rotary cutter, ruler and self-healing mat: Here’s a close … Continue reading

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Baby’s Vision Quilts

I’m making some quilts, which support a baby’s visual development.  Initially, babies see black and white or high contrast.  Then they see the fine lines.  Finally, they will begin to differentiate between colors.   I will have these products coming up … Continue reading

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