Millie Monday …And Model Babies

Millie quilts my Don’t Bore Your Baby© quilts.  This is a quilt that I make to support a baby’s visual development and to help entertain the developed person that I believe exists in the temporarily, fairly useless, undeveloped body.  Here’s a link to my post detailing this premise.

I love it when people let me see their pictures and sometimes post…  So today I have baby photographs.

Here’s Nora, 7 weeks old, enjoying her animal quilt:


And here’s Bronagh, who I believe is also about 7 weeks old:


Bronagh apparently had a nice long chat with her quilt.

So for today, don’t be bored no matter what your age, and happy quilting.

About quiltify

Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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