My favorites in other Etsy Shops…appropriately priced.

During the past year there has been a wonderful, ongoing discussion about the value of our work as quilters and how so many of us are undervaluing our efforts.  If you’re interested in this discussion, you might want to start with the articles by Hunter’s Design Studio here.  I have already tweeted this link, so some of you might find it redundant…but no less important!  Woman are underpaid by corporate America as compared to their male counterparts.  Unfortunately, I don’t see this changing anytime soon.  However, it is sad that we, as women, undervalue ourselves.  And worse, that women undervalue other women’s work.  But I’m staying light and breezy in this post, so please read We Are $ew Worth It at the above link.

Today, I’m looking at some beautiful work that has been priced appropriately (or closer to appropriately) with the costs of materials, labor, and creativity considered.  First is MooseCarolQuilts.  I love this shop’s quilted items.  Who doesn’t need a fabulously quilted bra at Moose Carol Quilts?  Here’s a fun queen-sized quilt:  Moose Carol Quilts 2.

Check these beautiful quilts out at btaylorquilts, who understands color to the nth degree, IMO.

See SewEMG for an adorable, traditional baby quilt.

I often rethink my pricing, and at the first of the year, I will seriously review my charges again.  High quality fabric, batting and thread, fair labor costs and unique items that hold up for the long haul come at a cost.  For those who read the article above, We Are $ew Worth It, I, too, will give a quilt away rather than sell it too cheaply.  However, I don’t give it to the person arguing my price!

And because I need pictures for this blog, don’t forget Don’t Bore Your Baby Quilts at TheQuiltifyShop:

DSCN1164 IMG_4204

So happy quilting and pricing!

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4 Responses to My favorites in other Etsy Shops…appropriately priced.

  1. Thanks for saying such a nice thing about my work!
    This is an important topic (placing a value on one’s work). There is much more to be said on this topic. Just searching “undervaluing your work” on Google brings up all kinds of articles about the subject, and sadly, it ranges across the board in all kinds of artistic fields.

  2. quiltify says:

    My pleasure. I love your work!

  3. Great comments here. If people really understood what went into the making of these quilts they would put a much higher value on them.

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