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New Year’s Adventures

So we have had quite an eventful 7 days in this house.  This is what happened on New Years Eve: Beautiful four hour old Oliver Reynolds is held by his grandfather Robert Reynolds.  This was a good day! It is … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Word

Wednesday’s word is inspiration.  As inspiration can come from so many different places, I concentrated on what I was doing today.  My Don’t Bore Your Baby quilts start with the character fabric so I guess my inspiration often comes from that.   … Continue reading

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Millie Monday

Millie actually finished this quilt on Saturday so she’s formally dressed today: The binding is on and I just need to bury some threads and add the label.  I usually add the label while I bind a quilt, but I … Continue reading

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Finally, ready to get back into the studio…

It’s time to get back into the studio.  I’m back from my delayed trip to North Carolina.  The snow has melted from the roof and the leaking has resolved.  Today, I unwrapped Millie and organized my studio.  Here’s the before: … Continue reading

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No Quilting Zone

I love winter, but I love it outside of my house.  This year, with the record making snowfall (I think we are over seven feet), it is seeping into my home at the gutters (we think).  It is largely confined … Continue reading

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Copyrights and Distractions

Let’s talk about copyrights.  I am a firm believer of protecting copyrights on artistic works.  It’s just I find this much easier to understand with writing than with quilting.  As a writer (Even My Family, Cries of Freedom, Once Again), … Continue reading

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Longarm Zipper System

  There are many systems to assist in loading the quilt pieces onto a longarm.  I like to use the Quick Zip System.  One of the advantages is there is less time bending over the longarm in an awkward position. … Continue reading

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Garment District

I recently hopped onto a train and went to New York City for some errands.  One ‘errand’ was to check out the garment district, which I hadn’t been to since my youth.  My mother and I took a few excursions to … Continue reading

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Ruler & Template Work

I’m sorry I have been so negligent, lately, at posting regularly.  I will do better.  My goal has been to post at least once per week, but I’ve failed this fall, my favorite time of year.  However, as winter is soon … Continue reading

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My favorites in other Etsy Shops…appropriately priced.

During the past year there has been a wonderful, ongoing discussion about the value of our work as quilters and how so many of us are undervaluing our efforts.  If you’re interested in this discussion, you might want to start with … Continue reading

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