New Year’s Adventures

So we have had quite an eventful 7 days in this house.  This is what happened on New Years Eve:


Beautiful four hour old Oliver Reynolds is held by his grandfather Robert Reynolds.  This was a good day!

It is amazing how maternity wards have changed in 30 years.  Here visitors are welcomed immediately into Mom’s room, which is shared with baby.  There is no nursery for healthy babies.  The baby never leaves the room until he goes home.  This allegedly provides more bonding with parents and is healthier for the babies.  I think it is nicer to give mom a good night’s sleep before going home, but I’m just a mom.

Then things got crazy!  After a night of being extremely ill, I drove Robert Reynolds to the emergency room in the morning on New Year’s Day.  We were really nervous about what would happen on this long holiday weekend.  However, he had emergency surgery by a wonderful surgeon, who we think was the perfect surgeon for this difficult situation.  Bob remained in the hospital for five days.  He’s home now, on the mend, and is feeling MUCH better.  It was a good experience and we can’t say enough for everyone who works at Milton Hospital!  They seem to be the nicest type of people.

Quilt-wise, I finished the wolf quilt:



It is awaiting pick up.  I still haven’t formed a final opinion about the color of this quilt.

And to end this eventful week, seven day old Oliver came to visit his recuperating grandfather.


Isn’t he just perfect?!

Happy New Year!

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6 Responses to New Year’s Adventures

  1. He is certainly perfect and no one could receive stronger medicine than a visit from him. 🙂 Quilt is beautiful too.

  2. Anne says:

    He IS perfect!
    And I hope Bob is perfect as well!

  3. glad all is now well. Enjoy the baby because all of a sudden they are all grown up.

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