Millie Monday

Millie actually finished this quilt on Saturday so she’s formally dressed today:


The binding is on and I just need to bury some threads and add the label.  I usually add the label while I bind a quilt, but I was out of the printing fabric.  I have it now and will add my label.


This is the same pattern and essentially the same fabrics of my last quilt, except I changed the turquoise out for orange.  I’m going to move on from this pattern and fabric for the next quilt, but I really like the result, so I know there will be many more in this pattern.

What a cluttered studio, but all is necessary…cleaning rags as this is a serious machine, tools, and wooden assisters (These help hold the backing during quilting when there isn’t quite as much as I would like) so I can get close to the edge of the quilt.

So that’s Millie today.  Happy quilting!

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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4 Responses to Millie Monday

  1. Lovely. I wish Millie could handle king size quilts because I’m going to have one I’ll need quilted. 🙂

  2. quiltify says:

    Thanks for thinking of me. I’ve never tried to fit a King size on, but queens clearly fit great. I think the people with the 14′ longarm bars do the kings. My leaders would only hold a 118″ backing, which means the quilt top would have to be, at most, 110″, but preferably 108 inches or less…as the backing must be 8-10 inches wider then the top. I think that is too small for a king or am I thinking of California Kings(HUGE), which are huge?! LOL

  3. I’m hopeless at machine quilting, and don’t have room for a longarm, specially as my workroom has to double as a guestroom! Your quilt is gorgeous.

  4. quiltify says:

    Thanks! Millie does take up A LOT of space!

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