Wednesday’s Word

Wednesday’s word is inspiration.  As inspiration can come from so many different places, I concentrated on what I was doing today.  My Don’t Bore Your Baby quilts start with the character fabric so I guess my inspiration often comes from that.   It is difficult for me to find fabric that I always love because I have requirements that the fabric industry does not produce that often.  The jury is out as to whether I like this character fabric or not.  Nonetheless, it is or must be my inspiration.


So cute little sea creatures are my inspiration today.  Also, this color combination is a possibility, but the jury is still out.  Maybe there is further inspiration here:


Or here:


Happy Inspiration!?

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Word

  1. Thank you for the smile. Your fabric looks neater than mine but you have more so it fits on a bolt. 🙂

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