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Longarm Zipper System

  There are many systems to assist in loading the quilt pieces onto a longarm.  I like to use the Quick Zip System.  One of the advantages is there is less time bending over the longarm in an awkward position. … Continue reading

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Ruler & Template Work

I’m sorry I have been so negligent, lately, at posting regularly.  I will do better.  My goal has been to post at least once per week, but I’ve failed this fall, my favorite time of year.  However, as winter is soon … Continue reading

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quilters’ hands…part 2.

I checked with my doctor and my hand complaints seem to be over-use issues so my new tools should help significantly.  The other day I received the tools I ordered from Martelli Notions.  Here is the rotary cutter, ruler and self-healing mat: Here’s a close … Continue reading

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Interruptions are part of life…quilters’ hands

I once had a wise spiritual ‘entity’ tell me not to get so disturbed about interruptions, because interruptions are part of life and are what make your life.  I guess it really is the old saying that life is what happens … Continue reading

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Pilfering tools from the workshop

I am slowly pilfering tools from B.’s workshop.  Although considering how large his workshop is and how minimal the tools look in photographs…I don’t think he’s going to notice.  Nonetheless, I’m feeling rather like Tim The Toolman, “ARARARAR…” So I … Continue reading

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