Pilfering tools from the workshop

I am slowly pilfering tools from B.’s workshop.  Although considering how large his workshop is and how minimal the tools look in photographs…I don’t think he’s going to notice.  Nonetheless, I’m feeling rather like Tim The Toolman, “ARARARAR…”IMG_2545 So I have a level to make sure Millie is standing upright and straight.  The tape measure works much better than a sewing tape measure, and is easier to use squaring quilts.  The Allen wrenches are for all things Millie.  One lone plumber’s wrench…which I am sure has an official name, but that’s what I call this style.  And then a few extraneous parts and rulers for Millie, which I did not pilfer.IMG_2546I did abscond with these squares.   I really like them for squaring my large quilts.

IMG_2564 IMG_2565I particularly like this square as it acts as a measure also, which is particularly handy when trying to square a large quilt on the floor.IMG_2561And this flower shaped holder (definitely not from B’s workshop) is on top of Millie holding a various assortment of found screwdrivers, a thread cutter, and yes an ordinary, short, tape measure.  Now that I have documented my ‘finds’ and they don’t look like so much, I think I’ll see what else I can pilfer from B’s workshop…knee pads might be nice because I inevitably end up crawling around the floor for one reason or another.  Do you find you tend to ‘collect’ handy tools from around the house to use in your sewing/quilting area?

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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