Some Accessories for Millie

I know it is silly to get excited about this, but I am.  I placed an order with APQS for the first time.  Not that I want to order from them too often, but the experience was a pleasure.  The APQS parts department, Brenda (I think that was her name, but don’t hold me to it) actually listened to me and Millie’s accessories arrived with no errors.  They arrived on the exact day that I was told they would.  And I even received the instructions I might need in the future.
IMG_2541 Here are my new micro-handles for when I am ready to do small details in my own quilting designs.IMG_2542I am prepared also with more 4.0 needles, a hook finger, and a hook assembly.  I’m told that I should hope to need the hook assembly as it means I’ve been quilting a lot!IMG_2543 Here is my new base extender as I am now ready to incorporate straight lines that are not horizontal or vertical into my quilting play.IMG_2548It looks pretty sweet, I think.   I believe I only keep it on when I plan on using it, but I have not researched this.  So if anyone knows if I can just keep this on for every quilt, please let me know.

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4 Responses to Some Accessories for Millie

  1. segurry says:

    Wow. I really hope I get to see this in action this summer. I am considering taking another quilting class this fall to get back in the swing of quilting, since I’ve gone on other paths….

  2. I love my Millie! I Agree APQS is a great company to deal with!

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