Millie Monday

I did manage to get one quilt top quilted and bound this week.  Here’s busy Millie:


My goodness, she is a particular charm when it isn’t humid.  Who would think the atmosphere could affect a machine so?  And yet, I shouldn’t be surprised as humidity sure affects me.  Here’s the completed quilt:

dina-1   dina-3

I love the back of this quilt.  I had been meaning to get to Gather Here in Cambridge for a couple of years, but finally I did.  They had a lot of lovely backing fabrics.  It’s an easy subway ride away so it will by one of my ‘go to’ fabric stores from now on.

I’m playing with a 40mm lens on my Canon DSLR to determine how much I like it for a single travel lens, when not traveling by car.  No decision yet.

Happy quilting!

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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6 Responses to Millie Monday

  1. The quilt looks lovely. I know nothing about a long arm so I’m wondering if it comes with programmed designs or do you have to program it? I’ll be interested to hear about your lens decision. 🙂

    • quiltify says:

      My longarm is not computerized. Some people have those so the machine moves on its own, like embroidery machines. I move the long arm with my hands according to my whim or drawings called ____ (Gosh, I’m blank. I’ll think of it in the middle of the night.) I like both of my options, fun and therapeutic. I love longarming by hand. I don’t have a desire to have a computerized machine. But some people like the absolute perfection of the computerized machine, I prefer the character of freehand.

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