Travel Accessories

Those who know me well, know that I have a travel packing addiction.  My perfect bag must be light and efficiently packed.  In fact, I’m surprised I hadn’t mentioned my general container addiction before this…or maybe I have.  I can’t tolerate a room without a purpose or a container without a function.  So in the area of travel, I am always searching for the perfect suitcase and organizers.  Did I mention my daughter and her husband live on a different continent?  Well, yes.  That’s another tidbit of personal information, which is off topic.  Nonetheless… Consequently, seven of the last eight years I have traveled frequently and have thought about packing even more often…because I am crazy.  However, no matter how often I travel, there is always something that needs perfecting about my bag.  Several years ago, just before leaving for the airport, I decided my hard-sided eyeglass cases were too bulky and heavy for my purse.  Yes, I know contact lenses would solve that problem, but I never have been a fan.  Anyway, in a few minutes I whipped up a rough solution for the trip.   initial caseThis was just a machine quilted remnant, folded over and sewn closed with a zigzag stitch, using the color thread that was in my machine at the time.  There was no thought to this, just a quick solution to a problem.  I used these for years.  I even whipped one up for B. for his shirt pocket so his glasses would not continue to slip out of his pocket any time he bent down.  The other day Bob asked for some more cases for his assorted sunglasses.  So I improved the design.IMG_2589These are made for my reading glasses.  They are made out of my practice quilted muslin and a colorful fabric. They are light but protective.IMG_2594These larger cases are for my sunglasses.  B.’s containers are slightly more manly.

I plan on opening an Etsy store in a couple of months, The Quiltify Shop, so perhaps I’ll put this product on the virtual shelves, along with this tablet container:IMG_2451

…which I’ve already shown to you.  And maybe a camera case…colorful hidden pockets…and I can see my container addiction going wild!

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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2 Responses to Travel Accessories

  1. segurrySusan says:

    I, too, have a container addiction….and I love these little containers!

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