The Holidays…

We had lovely company for several weeks over the holidays so the festivities lasted a bit longer than usual.  Things have settled down now so I’ll get back to blogging a little more regularly, I hope.  If I made new year resolutions, more frequent blogging would probably be one of them.

I did manage to sew periodically. I threw together this project during the holiday for wrapping a consumable present.  To facilitate the reuse of this bottle carrier, I did not use holiday fabric.  This way it doesn’t have to sit around and wait for next Christmas to be used…because most of us don’t need more things in our closets.  I had purchased this fabric with no project in mind, so I was happy to be able to use it.

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Basically, it is one strip with differing fabrics for the inside and the outside along with interfacing.  Then put in a grommet on each end, sew the sides partially down so the bottle can slip in on the lower side in case it is a fat bottle. Voila!  I don’t know who designed this project because the pattern was provided at a function at Anns Fabrics.  It is quick, easy and I should make more of them.  I also have to say there is no quilting involved, but I am posting it here anyway.  Happy January!

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