Quilting the quilt…

I have finally started quilting this quilt top, which I made months ago.  It is mine so I am playing, going with the flow and really not over thinking it, which perhaps I should do.  I have made it through two levels so far.  I’m figuring out what designs I like best and how I can use them.  I am caught somewhere between modern quilts and traditional quilts in my designs.


Regarding the piecing of the border, I know that linear fabric is difficult.  I couldn’t resist this fabric because it reminded my of my grandmother.  Every time yellow and blue appeared together, she’d start talking about the Swedish flag.  So you see, I had to purchase it.  This print works much  better in the stars than the border, in my opinion, mainly due to my imprecise cutting.  What I do like is how the quilting totally disappears in this busy fabric.  I used a slightly gray thread, which is apparently still my ‘go to’ thread.


I used free hand swirls, which is a design I find easy and fun to do.


You can see the linear design I used in the stars more.


This quilting reflects my favoring feathers, swirls and ribbon candy.

Please note that I have not trimmed and buried my threads yet, so these pictures are a bit messy.  The third to the last picture shows that I marked the quilt in the stem of the feather.  I don’t usually do that, but I thought I would experiment.  I usually use pins for limited marking.  I tested this air erase pen.  Within 20 minutes, the test markings erased.  But, as things go, on the quilt the ink did not erase.  It’s no issue on this one as I am going to wash the quilt anyway and it will wash away.  In the future, I might get some chalk, which I can brush away.  I wouldn’t want this to happen with another quilt, a customer quilt particularly.  Any recommendations on a good erasable marking system?

Regarding custom quilting, do any of you reach the point where you are happy with every piece of it?  I am no where near that point and wonder if I ever will be.  Pantographs seem to be the best method for customer quilts.  I’ll keep the custom quilting to my own quilts.  Happy quilting!

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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6 Responses to Quilting the quilt…

  1. segurry says:

    I think this is gorgeous! What a talent…I’m impressed. I am still struggling to keep my seams 1/4 inch!

  2. Hi, I have just discovered your blog and as a brand new longarm quilter I thought it would be great to share your journey. Regarding removing markings from a quilt, I often use a blue water eraseable pen and get rid of it with some special remover that I learnt about through Jamie Wallen. he has tested loads of stuff and recommends this method. I have included a link here for you so you can check it out. It is probably much easier for you to get hold of it, than me, here in the UK! _Suzy http://www.quiltersapothecary.com/new.html it’s called ‘Sew clean’ by the way!

  3. Neline VanDyke says:

    Hi, the quilting is stunning on this. A fellow longarmer, I use the Allary chalk pencil. Its big like a chubby crayon and it brushes off with a cloth or paper towel. I use mostly white chalk but you can get the colored chalk packs for making on lighter fabrics. The chalk is wonderful as I’m marking, if i don’t like it I brush it off and redraw.

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