Goals are meant to be missed…

…because otherwise, are you really stretching?  Or at least I’d like to believe this…  My recent intent was to post on my blog at least once per week.  I’ve already let the goal go.  This last week or so was filled with exciting possibilities, essays, applications and even a video!  I won’t say much now other than one application relates to my love of art.  The other application, if I were chosen, would result in an experience so exciting and so fulfilling that I won’t or can’t even talk about it now…although I guess I just did!  It would mean six  weeks away from my quilting, but it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  And if nothing else, I learned something about making a video.

I do have a sewing project happening in my quilting room.  I received a few Bali Pops for Christmas.  I had read that these are poorly cut, but for my purposes they seem fine.  Also, I haven’t sewn batiks very often, and never as a quilt, so I am looking forward to these projects.

bali popsI’m saving the brown/cream colored packet for last because it is my favorite.  As you can see I have already cut one package into pieces and sewed groups of four.

IMG_3252I sewed two strips together and then cut them on an angle, and then sewed two different strip pieces together to create the diamond.

IMG_3247I hope this photograph is clear enough for you.  You should be able to see piles of the four pieced diamonds.

IMG_3250I plan to do something like the above, placing the diamonds together in a strip with the illusion of a black background, but perhaps not, as the diamond shape is lost.  I won’t know until it happens.  I apologize for the photograph.  I have washed the black material as it is not a batik.  An amazing amount of lint appears in the photograph on the black, but not live.  I will delint.  Once I sew all the batik strips together, I will wash them as well.  I am hopeful the quilt, once pieced together, will then combine fabrics well.  Happy quilting!

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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2 Responses to Goals are meant to be missed…

  1. segurry says:

    I love batiks! And these colors are gorgeous. Micaela loved her birthday quilt!

  2. quiltify says:

    Wonderful. We all like cozy, warm things made by Mom!

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