Last week I hand appliqued some triangles on to my autumn colored jelly roll quilt, which was shown in my prior blog post.  Consequently, it was a relaxing time, but not a terribly exciting time, except for the British murder mysteries that entertained me!

I also had the pleasure of quilting Susan’s beautiful and colorful quilt.  Aren’t the colors and variation of colors wonderful? I don’t think there was a single repeat of fabric!Image

I used an Omni medium gray thread.  Susan picked Keryn Emmerson’s Leaf and Scroll pattern for the quilting design.  I think the thread and design worked wonderfully together as the quilting is subtle and does not distract from the color and design of the quilt top.  As it is not a dense pattern, it also will be a soft and cozy quilt.  Here are some additional views:IMG_3291 IMG_3289The back was essentially plain orange, which can be problematic as I like to match the top and bottom threads…perhaps I need to get over that.  However, the medium gray thread worked well on the orange so that while it shows up, it is not in your face as a purple or a blue might have.IMG_3296I’ve also just perfected a card system for my customers, or should I say B. perfected the idea as he’s my photography expert.   A card like this will now go to each customer so she/he will have a record of the quilt and the pattern of the quilting.  Although you can’t see it on the following card, under the photograph the name of the quilting pattern and designer is listed.  As we often give our quilts as gifts, I think it is nice to have a picture that we can retain.  Quilting pattern: Keryn Emmerson's Leaf & Scroll

This was a fun and happy quilt to work on.   Happy quilting.

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2 Responses to Colorful!

  1. segurry says:

    And you did a fabulous job! I had hoped to do the binding last weekend but couldn’t….soon!

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