Mechanics and my Millie…

When I was in high school I seriously thought about taking auto mechanics in the vocational school.  However, although I have done many things that females often weren’t encouraged to do in those days, in this case I was rather afraid of the guys because I knew few of them, so I didn’t.  So today I ventured into mechanics for the first time, had fun and was successful.  The power to my Millie was lagging this winter, so APQS told me I needed a Crydom Relay (Crouzet Relay), a filter, and a ground while I was at it.  I took many pictures incase I couldn’t remember how to put it all back together!  The operation began here:


Tools and parts lined up ready for the surgeon, me.


First, one must sedate the patient.  I removed the electonics.


The skin was pealed back…the covers were removed to reveal the relay in question, which is the first box next to the motor on the left.


Here’s an overhead view and then this side view.  I removed and replaced this relay, and added a filter (which didn’t really come with directions).  I closed her up and then added the ground.  I then played with her a bit.  She sounded strong and she purred like a kitten.  Her stitches were still lovely.  I will admit, B. hung around in case I needed calming.  There were times a third hand was helpful, but I remained calm at all times!

Tomorrow, I will be longarming all day long!  Happy quilting!



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