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So I had a great time at MQX NH, took some classes from some great teachers, and enjoyed meeting fellow quilters.  It was great to see how far my quilting level had progressed and finally caught my confidence up with my quilting!  Even had thoughts of teaching someday…  

I took the bus rather than driving the hour north to Manchester, NH.  The subject seemed to come up frequently.  People always seem to ask ‘how’d you get here?’ when there’s a lapse in conversation.  I don’t quite understand our total dependence on automobiles, and I do wish it would stop, but I’m in the minority, I know.  Anyway, I walked to the T, caught the bus from South Station(Boston) and got off the bus on the same block as my hotel, as a matter of fact, the transportation building was next to my hotel.  So instead of wasting my time in rush hour traffic, I used the wifi on the bus, sat back and relaxed.  Now the reactions, when I said I took the bus, were entertaining.  Most people looked at me as if I were a poor, homeless person…with an APQS Millenium.  The desk clerk and one fellow quilter, seemed to be more aware, as they remarked how environmentally conscious that choice was. So my bus ride was entertaining in more ways than one.

One thing I hear discussed a lot is about all the expenses people have with their businesses.  However, from what I see, this is only true because quilters were buying anything others recommended without thinking of the item’s real usefulness to them.  Everyone has their favorite tools, but unless we realize that each person at these shows is selling their way, not the only way, then one spends too much money buying things they don’t need and won’t use.  Isn’t that the case with life?  Stop trying to buy what everyone else buys, buy only what you need or really want.  Research, research, research…like practise, practise, practise.  Anyway, I stuck to my list.  



1. Superior always has a great sale at this show.  However, I only bought neutrals that I needed.  I carried a photograph of the threads that I have in my stash so I would not duplicate them.  And I purchase no specific colors, as we need to actively use the threads so they don’t get old, brittle, etc.  If I need a particular color for a quilt top, I place the order at that time.  I like Omni because it has the look of cotton, but stands up to many, many washings because it is polyester.  And my Millie loves it.  I want people to love and use their quilts, not stare at them. 

2.I needed more pantograms and I like Anne Bright…another sale.  I actually bought 4, but one had to be shipped separately.  I wanted some medium density variation in my library.

3. It took me the full three days to find this LA ruler.  On the last day I found this at Gadget Girls.  I don’t understand why they were the only ones who had rulers with measurements in each direction.  I would think that would be a given and all LA ruler companies would have these.

Here’s a better view of the pantograms:



Flamingo Sunset


Floral Wave


Splat (My favorite, both in name and design)

I also purchased a musical pantogram, received in the mail, and not photographed.  Sorry.  It is not the most fun to quilt as it is rather gimmicky, IMO.  Nonetheless, it might look lovely on a themed quilt for a customer, and it is not about me…at least not all the time!

So that was last week.  This week has been productive as I’ve sewn a wall hanging for a bed headboard, played with my new pantographs, labeled a quilt top for a quilt show (nuts, right?), and ordered some accessories and parts for my Millie.  She’s getting a new Croyden Relay whether she wants one or not!  I so enjoyed my mechanics class last week that I’m thinking of going to the APQS factory in Carroll, IA for a two day mechanics class.  And frankly, I’ll find any excuse to travel…even to Iowa!

So for now, Happy Quilting!



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