Autumn duties…

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I love to be outside.  Autumn is my summer.  However, with autumn comes my self-imposed yearly chore.  This is what I do in the fall:  IMG_4359

This is the prettiest example of my activities: scraping, washing, priming, etc.  This year I’m working on the front of the house.  Yes, I could pay someone to do this, but this type of activity is my gym, along with my 10,000 steps.  (I hate the gym and will fight going for as long as I can!)  I plan to follow in this particular one of my grandfather’s footsteps. He was on the roof, painting trim or repairing whatever, even at age 88.  The neighbors would tell my mother she should make him stay on the ground.  Mom responded that if at age 88 he falls off the roof to his demise, then that is a pretty good way to go.  More important, Mom realized it was his choice to make (there was no way she’d be able to get him to sit in a rocking chair anyway).  He did teach me this good lesson on aging: keep living as usual and rest when needed.  So painting has pulled me more away from quiltifying…because there has been no rain to pull me indoors!

Nonetheless, I have managed to do a little of this: IMG_4371The point of this particular post is that I might not be posting too regularly until mid-October or so…depending on the weather.  Customer quilts will take precedent over posting due to my strange autumn activities.  So, please get into my pre-Christmas schedule if you are dallying…before it fills up!

Happy quilting (and painting)!


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4 Responses to Autumn duties…

  1. Yes – there are fall chores that ‘need’ to be done. And, it takes effort to reach those 10,000 steps. I try every day. 🙂

    • quiltify says:

      It sure does take a concerted effort…some weeks I find easier than others, for some unknown reason, to reach those 10,000 steps. And there are days that I don’t come close, but I will persist!

  2. segurry says:

    I don’t count my steps, but my goal this year is to walk at a fast pace (15 minutes/mile) for 2 miles at least five days/week. Some weeks it is only four times, but… the gym, I do a walk/run, but my knees are challenged….
    And fall chores…..I put them off as much as I can! Summer is my season….

    good luck on all yours!

  3. quiltify says:

    Thanks. I think you’re ahead of me, though.

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