I’d like to say I will post about my travels while I am away, but between adventures and only having an iPod with me I am not so sure.  You can see how poorly I have done the last week or so…  I know you’re not supposed to say you are away online, but I am traveling solo so the house is still very occupied. So here is my luggage.  I haven’t figured out how to put a photo where I want it using this small device. Anyway, this is as small and light as I can get it. Turns out the final tally is 21 lbs. I put my umbrella back in and with the genealogy papers it is higher than my 20 lb goal.  But I can throw away much of this family information as I go.  So here is all of it! image

And if I do post on this foolish thing, please ignore grammatical errors.  Auto correct is usually wrong.  Happy Days!

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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  1. I traveled with a phone and two tablets. I had prepared a couple of posts and all I had to do was upload the photos. Well…I tried but all I received were error messages. So, I will certainly understand if you don’t post until you get back. 🙂 Travel safely.

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