Quality and Function

You might remember Baby Nora from a prior post.  Nora is now five months old.  Isn’t she adorable?  Her style this day appears to be on the preppy side with the casual over the shoulder throw.   Nora is having some belly time on her brother Sal’s quilt.  If my memory serves me correctly, Sal is 2 1/2 to 3 years old. 11054313_976808860800_4732612780712812657_o There are two things I’d like to point out about this photograph and my Don’t Bore Your Baby quilts.

1. Nora is in the stage in which she is working on depth perception.  Note how she is trying to pick up the bike.  Her father had previously told me her brother did the same thing with this quilt at about her age.  Again, this is another example of how these quilts support baby’s visual development.

2.  This quilt is in a family with three children under the age of four.  This family uses their quilts, hard.  Notice how nice this quilt still looks.  There are some people who are hesitant to wash quilts for fear of ruining them so I wanted to show this picture.  I make quilts to be used.  Washing actually enhances a baby quilt by making it soft and cuddly.  If you buy a well made quilt, the quilt will far outlast inexpensive, mass produced versions, and buying the right quilt will assist your child’s development.  Click on the picture to get a clearer picture of this quilt.

Quilts made with high quality fabrics and individually made with quality in mind, wear extremely well.  Have your white or pastel nursery if you have to do so, but throw the baby a quilt that will stimulate her/him.  Use it for belly time, bottle time,  or even throw it on the back of the sofa so the baby can stare at it, but use it! Stop boring your baby.

This lack of thought for the baby’s visual development has been a pet peeve of mine for many years.  (I was an art major in college.)  While friends and relatives were excitedly discussing their pastel colored, themed nurseries that the baby couldn’t see, my daughter’s room was a strong red, navy blue and white.  And let me just say, the colors and contrast worked.

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4 Responses to Quality and Function

  1. I’ve never seen a preppy beautiful baby before so thank you for that. 🙂 Now, the quilt is lovely, but I am intrigued with the orange and black trim. The way it is applied is beautiful.

    • quiltify says:

      Thanks Judy. This was a pretty streamlined design. I just placed the trim on two sides of the block. Now if I can just work up the lilac quilt you suggested…

  2. adaisygarden says:

    Cute photo, and the quilt is lovely! Love the bicycles!!

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