Millie Monday

Millie is dressed today.


I made a basic Don’t Bore Your Baby Quilt©. In this particular quilt, the deepest contrast is between the dark brown and white. It will be interesting to see what feedback I get regarding the baby’s focusing on the brown and white versus the feedback I have received on the black and white.  Does dark brown and white captivate the newborn as quickly as black and white?

IMG_2090 IMG_2085

I am deciding on which Omni Superior Thread color to use. Usually I blend the thread into the background, but I am thinking of going bold with the chocolate brown for a change. The Back of the quilt is white with orange polka dots. Any preferences? If I can decide on which color to use, I might get this quilted today.


Aren’t these dinosaur eggs adorable?  Have a happy Monday and happy quilting!

About quiltify

Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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1 Response to Millie Monday

  1. Beautiful but I don’t have a lot of experience how the choice and use of threads works on a long arm.

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