Wednesday’s Word

The Daily Press’s weekly word challenge is: Beneath your feet.


Well, under B’s feet, actually.  Imagine the years of monks stepping over these stones from Bolton Abbey.


I, on the other hand, carried the camera equipment over the bridge.  Would you have removed the sign from this picture?  I like the pop of color, but it is rather incongruous.

I am so into walkways, it is hard to pick one spot under my feet.  Here I am in Sodermalm.  This is the island where much of Steig Larsson‘s Millenium Series took place.




Happy feet!

P.S. Does the use of so many links indicate I’m in a lazy mood?

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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Word

  1. I probably would have walked the bridge with you otherwise I would foresee water in my future. 🙂 I would have left the sign there, and I love the last photo.

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