Millie Monday

Millie is still wearing last week’s outfit.  I could have changed the photograph, but I’d thought I’d be honest about my week.  With a little concentration, this quilt top could be a quilt by next Monday.


Where did the week go?  I finally downloaded Lightroom.  And because my Sweden photographs were less than stellar, although wonderful anyway because of all the memories they hold, I thought I’d work on editing them.  I must say Lightroom is fun.  Here’s a few I worked on:


I really like this photograph, the way the man comes out of the shadows in the old town with the cruise ship in the background.  I think it tells a story or stories.  What do you think?


Here’s a lovely, simple, typical Swedish door.  Need I say more?


It was high school graduation time when I was in Sweden.  I imagine there is a different name for it, but I didn’t learn it.  After the ceremony, the students pile into huge trucks and tour the town, while many parents stand on the sidelines and have posters of their graduating child when they were little, like this one for Maia.  You can get a glimpse of a decorated HUGE truck in the background.  It was a festive atmosphere as the students rode round and round the town with music blaring, while they danced and celebrated in the trucks.  This picture was from Eksjö.

And as you see, I’ve never used a watermark before, and apparently Lightroom automatically set one up with my name.  Hmmm, will need to delete one, but I’m not sure which one.  I was thinking quiltify would be less about me.  Should you have your name on the photograph?  Anyway, have a great week.  Happy distractions!

PS.  I still have a problem with too much blue in the white balance.  I didn’t see that until the post was uploaded.

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3 Responses to Millie Monday

  1. Sometimes weeks are like that. 🙂 Your photos look good. I didn’t do watermarks, then I did, now I don’t. I had a couple photos taken and it really irritated me but I have to apply each one and that becomes time consuming. I think everyone should and if I had a program that applied it I certainly would utilize it. You have a good week too. Stay cool which is going to be a challenge.

    • quiltify says:

      LOL. I think I’ll be following your example…

      • quiltify says:

        But maybe not. Mine is automatic once I set it up correctly. I just have to remove the watermark if I send a photograph to my camera club, as they want no ID.

        Would you use your name or your blog/business name as a watermark? I’m setting up my next post with quiltify…but not sure if that has any particular ramifications.

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