Wednesday’s Word

OK, I’m getting back into my post autumn routine. The Daily Post’s Word this week is transition. Here’s my offering:

I love the way this modern, linear building wraps around the old, detailed building in Umeå, Sweden.  I don’t usually like black and white photographs, but I think limiting the color helps accentuate the geometric differences of design, while the detail of the old is warmly wrapped by the sterility of the modern, creating the transition between the two buildings.

For those who don’t know, the above articulation is absurd art history talk. This is from a reformed art history student briefly falling off the wagon… ‘Don’t try to describe it so you think you sound more intelligent than the next guy, just enjoy it’, is my post college (and, in fact, to the disgust of my professors, my in college) position.

Happy transitions!

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4 Responses to Wednesday’s Word

  1. Now that is interesting. Quite a catch – historic versus modern. 🙂

  2. Lende says:

    kind of like my move…..

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