I gathered my Don’t Bore Your Baby quilts together and delivered them to the refugee resettlement group, which I discussed previously, and with whom I will continue to work in my extremely tiny way, but it is my Miss Rumphius moment.  My delivery was only 7 quilts, but it is a start. The following pictures show a pile of six quilts and then I added the bike quilt after I played with some freehand custom quilting designs. I forgot how much I enjoy just playing with my machine. I didn’t quilt too densely as I want it to be soft for the baby.


I also totally switched gears and made some curtains for a family member’s nursery.  The baby is expected Christmas Eve…  It was nice to just sew.  I like their fabric choice.  It is a nice contrast for the baby, which, as you know, I think is important.  curtainThis is the only photograph that I took of the curtain fabric and they were only partially finished at the time.  And, hey, I took this photograph with my ipod; lousy photograph.  It is nice to know that my DSLR is worth it.  Back to subject, their nursery is adorable,  but I didn’t take a photograph and I never know if I can use other people’s photographs so I won’t show you at this time.

Anyway, Happy week!

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Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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4 Responses to Sundry

  1. Congratulations – what a busy bee you are. I’ve had the pieces for a block sitting on my table for a week,and done nothing to them. My excuse is that I’ve been doing an online course. Not really an excuse – I produced dozens of quilts at the same time as studying for an online degree.I’m getting old and lazy.

    • quiltify says:

      I’m not so great. I made many of these over the course of the summer…so over a period of time. Autumn I’m fairly unproductive as I’m outside playing a lot! I’m not getting back in the groove for winter.

  2. Lovely quilts and very nice quilting. I can’t imagine the satisfaction you get from being able to do your own quilting. Love your header too. 🙂

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