Wednesday’s Word

This week’s WordPress photo word is oops.  As I was mulling over how to ever get this word, B. said all he would have to do is follow me around!  Yes, I can be clumsy.  And with clumsy in mind, I have a lot of oops photographs of this nature:


I can’t tell you how many photographs I take by mistake while I am changing positions.  This is the most recent such photograph from a few days ago while I was taking photographs at Castle Island in South Boston.

Happy Oops!

PS.  Later today I went out to see what type of photographs I might be able to obtain in the ‘golden hour’.  My ‘oops’ issues continued to surface so I thought I’d add a couple more photographs:


Once again I was changing locations.


And here I was putting on my gloves.  So, B. is correct.  I regularly have ‘oops’ moments.  Many ‘oops’ moments, but taking place in very joy filled days!

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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Word

  1. I love your oops photos. The top one looks like a lovely batik fabric! And I’m happy that you have joy-filled days.

  2. I still take a cell phone photo of my finger or foot every now and again. 🙂

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