Spring caught me unaware and gardening ensued…as well as the Inspector Maigret Series by the late George Simenon.  So, time spent in my ‘studio’ (still makes me laugh out loud) was limited.  I don’t like gardening, but I love eating on the patio surrounded by flowers on summer nights, so the work had to be done.  Actually, this is the first year I’ve had to do it because I am now ‘retired’ and so can’t ‘have to work’ while B gets the patio ready!  It’s the only downside to retirement that I’ve managed to find…(and it’s not a biggy).

I did cut some tee shirts for a quilt.  I’m still pondering what color will unite these tee shirts.  I’m actually hoping I find a multi-colored fabric.  Do you have any suggestions? What color would you use?



This is my favorite tee shirt of the shirts sent to me for this quilt.  I, too, wanted to live this when I was 22, but alas, no jobs in Maine called to me.  And as it turned out, Boston was the right choice.  Nonetheless, there is a part of me that will always love Maine.

I’m also getting ready to make another Quilt for Baby…I love the giraffes.Image


My photographs are blurry in places.  I apologize.  I’m trying to get use to a normal lens, 50mm, for my DSLR ahead of an upcoming trip to the Yorkshire Dales.   I need to work on the angle a bit due to the limited focus point… As you can see below, the lense works better with vertical presentations.  I’m planning to photograph windows, doors, and stonework (patterns) so this should work well, once I become proficient with the lense.  I know, they are strange subjects for such a beautiful countryside.


And as you can see, it was a tough winter for the English Ivy in my garden.  Happy quilting!

About quiltify

Crazy about functional art: quilting; travel, family, and New England.
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