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Solo Travel Sweden, Part 1

Due to B’s recovery period, I have been much more domestic than usual.  May I say that the worst of this domesticity is grocery shopping, which is not usually my activity.  Meanwhile in the back of my mind, I’m working … Continue reading

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New Year’s Adventures

So we have had quite an eventful 7 days in this house.  This is what happened on New Years Eve: Beautiful four hour old Oliver Reynolds is held by his grandfather Robert Reynolds.  This was a good day! It is … Continue reading

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Productive Waiting

I have been asked to make a black quilt.  I have this black material on my longarm just now.  Can you see the white lint from white batting on the first bar?  I started to put the white batting on and … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Word

This week’s WordPress photo word is oops.  As I was mulling over how to ever get this word, B. said all he would have to do is follow me around!  Yes, I can be clumsy.  And with clumsy in mind, I have … Continue reading

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I gathered my Don’t Bore Your Baby quilts together and delivered them to the refugee resettlement group, which I discussed previously, and with whom I will continue to work in my extremely tiny way, but it is my Miss Rumphius moment. … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Word

OK, I’m getting back into my post autumn routine. The Daily Post’s Word this week is transition. Here’s my offering: I love the way this modern, linear building wraps around the old, detailed building in Umeå, Sweden.  I don’t usually … Continue reading

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Say ‘Yes” to Calvin and Hobbes

As a continuation of the thought behind my prior post… My daughter learned to read on Calvin & Hobbes so I laughed when I came across this summary of life lessons by this daring duo.   And then I thought … Continue reading

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So many opportunities, so little time…

As many of you know, I started my quilting business a little bit before I retired to make sure I had something to do during my ‘retirement’.  I love quilting.  However, I think I was affected by all the people who told … Continue reading

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The Eleven Pound Carryon

We recently provided transport to and from Logan for my cousins.  They were flying on a new airline at Logan, WOW.  The flight was Boston to London via Iceland.  It is a discount airline for which you pay for any … Continue reading

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Just follow the flow…

Ask questions and follow the flow, the answers will be there.  Wow, don’t I sound philosophical today?  When I had my own insurance related business when my daughter was growing up, my marketing technique was lying on the couch and meditating. … Continue reading

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